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As a community-minded organization, we sincerely believe that emotional healing and personal growth are within your reach.Through a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive lens, we offer individual therapy for issues related to anxiety and depression, gender and sexuality, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and trauma.

If you live in downtown Toronto and you are seeking positive change, get in touch with us today.

Lateness, Missed Appointments, and Cancellation Policy

When you book a session, your clinician reserves their time for you. In the event that you will be unable to keep an appointment, please notify your clinician at least 24 hours in advance, so that someone else may utilize the time. Similarly, when your clinician is unable to keep the appointment with you, they will give you more than a 24-hour notice and rebook to another date and time.

In the case whereby you are unable to provide 24-hour cancellation notice (e.g., you cancel an appointment on the day of the appointment [i.e. the same day] or do not show up for a scheduled appointment), unless for emergency reasons (e.g., medical or family emergencies), you will be charged the fee for your session and payment will be required at your next scheduled session.

Notes: (1) Employee Assistance Programs and other insurance-based programs will not reimburse you, the client, for missed appointment costs; (2) Accounts that are overdue (i.e., past 30 days due) will be charged interest at a rate of 3% per month (42.58% per annum); and (3) Non-payment for services will result in the discontinuation of services.

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